Customized Painting/Art Classes

  • Private, In-home Art Instruction
  • After-school, Home-school, or Camp Workshops

Learn to paint or draw from a photo or still life. Mediums: Acrylic, watercolor, pencil, etc. Color use, layering paint, and composition will be covered. Instruction and costs can be customized and based on your need and time frame.


  • Private 2 hour in-home lesson (within local area):
    $175 + Materials.
  • Group classes/workshops (you provide the space):
    Contact me to discuss specifics and pricing.
It is amazing how much I learned as an art student of Scott Hewett. He makes the experiences motivating and inspirational. I was able to express myself while also creating something beautiful. This is a gift Scott has given me that I will carry lifelong. I look forward to every lesson with him.
— Catheliya Reed
My daughter absolutely loved her classes with Scott. He is very good with children of all ages. He shares details and gives help where needed while allowing the child to learn new techniques and do it all on their own.
— Teresa, East Hampton Homeschool Group
I have been looking for a painting class like this on Long Island for years! I cannot say enough about Scott’s class! In every other painting class I have encountered, children use paint pens or trace but this was the real deal! The children do everything on their own with some advice. Even with a large class, Scott made time for each child to 1-on-1 guide them through the process. My son tends to be shy, but he was very comfortable in this gave him a huge boost of confidence. My daughter paints often but she learned techniques for making details and improved her skills. I heartily recommend painting classes with Scott!
— Rachel Maris, mother of 9 and 7 year old